I recommend everyone to keep part of USD for future purchases of cryptocurrency at a discount.

Taking into account the factors of large capital movement in the glass, news pressure and weakening forces of BTC buyers during the month (and maybe next week) I propose to place warrants to buy BTC at $7000-7600, and ETH at $140-160. This is likely to be the last chance this year to buy cryptocurrency at such a low price.

If you are not sure about altcoins, it’s better not to hold it at all now. Altcoins below TOP-10 at this time can give up to -40%!

After purchase, it is reasonable to add a deposit to Cloud Token.

We can be wrong, so accept our conclusions as an additional point in your investment strategy.

To participate in the project, register and replenish your wallet with cryptocurrency. After that, you will begin to receive daily passive income for the storage of your cryptocurrency.