The company Cloud Token is preparing us something interesting, until it is specified that it will be exactly, but is presented as something very global and as always ambitious, called “Cloud Token 2.0“.

The main developer, Ronald I, posted in his Facebook, the promotional video Cloud Token 2.0 with an intriguing signature: “Say goodbye to VPN. Say goodbye to roaming …”.

What will it be? VPN or sim cards? They also read in the comments of Ronald’s post under the video. But for sure, we can say that the new functionality in the wallet will be added specifically for Asian countries.

Promo Cloud Token 2.0

#cloudtoken Say goodbye to VPN. Say goodbye to roaming…

Gepostet von Ronald Aai am Montag, 29. Juli 2019

Yes, it turns out that developers are intrigued, which of course is an excellent indicator of the company’s marketing.

To participate in the project, register and replenish your wallet with cryptocurrency. After that, you will begin to receive daily passive income for the storage of your cryptocurrency.