Last week we did not release the news, as we were on holiday in the mountains of Ukraine. And as you understand, there’s no news, and there’s no internet 🙂

Therefore, so that our investors, readers, clients do not miss important information, we will write briefly about all the significant news from the world of Cloud Token.

Wallet news

July 23: Jarvis is experiencing a large number of inputs, as the number of users increases rapidly, which leads to overloading of network nodes. Therefore, users may experience a delay in entering or exiting Jarvis. We are working hard to solve this problem, and users will be able to invest or withdraw from Jarvis for a short period of time.

July 20: The CTO is now pegged to the USDT, used to be pegged to the USD.

Update wallet to version 1.9.7

The wallet received minor changes, bugs were fixed and the interface was slightly improved.

Download the latest version 1.9.7 is possible only in the form of a .apk file, as always on the link on the main page of the site.

Taiwan Event

In Taiwan, there was another event in which Cloud Token investors took part. At the event, Ronald Aai (lead developer) announced the near implementation of Atomic Swaps technology.

ACCS – Atomic cross-chain swap – allows two parties to exchange cryptocurrency between two blockchains without intermediaries.

Due to this, right in the application, this technology will allow instantly exchanging one cryptocurrency for another.

Also, Ronald at the conference mentioned maps, the functionality for which is already being prepared.

News from Ronald Facebook

The rate of service stations has been floating the other day, this is because now its price is not tied to USD as it used to be, but to USDT, and USDT is not always strictly equal to $ 1. From here and slight fluctuations.

Ronald also published a screenshot again with information about the work of the Jarvis robot. From the screenshot it can be understood that the robot for the given moment is mostly in USDT and LTC dollars.

Ranald has published another video where he shows the work of the Jarvis AI robot on Binance, to all those who still do not believe. 🙂

#cloudtoken someone still say jarvis is a fake. If I spent so much of time to integrate ccxt. I might as well finish it to be something real. Https:// data from binance. Look at the numbers…

Gepostet von Ronald Aai am Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

As we see, work on the project and its popularization is in full swing, which is good news.

To participate in the project, register and replenish your wallet with cryptocurrency. After that, you will begin to receive daily passive income for the storage of your cryptocurrency.