Cloud Token does not continue to stop in development and very soon will hold presentations in the state of Taiwan and Korea.

Korea will be visited on July 13, 2019, and Taiwan in two weeks on July 27, 2019.

We also recall that on August 15, the leadership of Cloud Token is preparing a grand event for 10,000 people, where additional plans of the company will be told, and investors will be able to receive a debit card for payment. Invitations are received by large investors and investors with a C1 and higher status.

When to continue the growth rate?

This question interested many investors around the world, since from July 4, the exchange rate remains at $ 0.469, for which the main developer Ronald Aai wrote in his Facebook account that the growth of the CTO token depends solely on the profit ratio of the Jarvis AI robot trading on Binance and converting CTO to ETH. And in early July, Chinese investors have withdrawn a total of about 10,000 ETH, which affected the growth of the CTO rate from July 1 to July 12.

At the moment, as you can see from the charts, the number of CTO conversions is reduced and the robot “Jarvis AI” successfully trades. On the Binance exchange, the volume for the last 30 days is 130254 BTC, and the commission will soon reach level 8!

Considering all this information, the nearest plans and the general dynamics of the growth rate, we expect by the end of the month the price of $ 0.60-0.65 per CTO. As you know, the opening of such large-scale projects is never easy and quick. And it is also worth remembering why you came here, and that all patient will be rewarded.

Good luck and new heights of Cloud Token! 🙂

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