Despite the fact that the project is actively developing, many faced with the problem of withdrawing tokens in Ethereum, as they could not withdraw their coins for several days, and the withdrawal was pending all the time (Pending). This was mainly due to network load (more than 30,000 transactions), and the main developer Ronald Aai found a temporary solution by adding the output to USDT.

At the moment, this problem is almost completely resolved. BTC, XRP, EOS, BCH and LTC will be added to withdraw your rewards, and now gwei has been increased to convert CTO tokens to ETH more quickly, according to Ronald, this will reduce the overall load on ETH and USDT.

Also, in the new version of the application, in the “Transaction history” section, for convenience, a number will be added indicating your order in the waiting queue for output, which will add clarity to this process and give an understanding of how long you will be transferred.

New coins

Also in the near future, and possibly already on October 5, at the 10000 event in honor of the Cloud Token update in Cloud 2.0, the following coins will be added to the application: XRP, EOS. This fact cannot but rejoice, since both of these coins are quite promising and many users have asked to add them for storage.

We wish you good luck in the project and thank you for staying with us, then there will be a lot of new information, as well as an insider from the event in Kuala Lumpur. 🙂